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CM Bommai inaugurates AIAMA Expo 2022- India’s biggest Agarbathi expo- in Bengaluru

November 2022: Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Basavaraj Bommai today inaugurated AIAMA Expo 2022 – the most extensive International Agarbathi Expo & Conference at Palace Grounds in Bangalore. The event is organised by All India Agarbathi Manufacturing Association (AIAMA), the premier association representing the Agarbathi industry in India. This is the first time that the Agarbathi industry is holding an event of this scale. The three-day event, from Nov 24-26, has been conceptualised around the theme of ‘Traditionally Modern’. A special edition of picture postcards was released by the Department of Post to commemorate this occasion.
Sri R. Ashoka, Revenue Minister of Karnataka, Sri Murugesh Nirani, Minister of Large and Medium Industries of Karnataka and Sri Kedar Vaze, M D, S.H. Kelkar and Co. Ltd. were the Guests of Honour at the inauguration of AIAMA Expo 2022. There will be more than 170 exhibitors from India and other countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and a few European Countries. Close to around 8000 delegates are expected to visit the landmark exposition during the three-day event.
Speaking at the inaugural event, Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Basavaraj Bommai said, “Karnataka is home to some of the most mesmerising fragrances like Jasmine and sandalwood. AIAMA Expo 2022 is a great step towards promoting innovation and is aligned with our prime minister’s vision of Atma Nirbar Bharath. It is also wonderful to see that women comprise about 80% of the workforce in the agarbathi industry and rural women are contributing to the economic growth of the country. We are in the process of coming up with a new Forest Act for the state, that will also include ease of doing business for the Agarbathi Industry.”
Stating that he is feeling very happy to be a part of this event, Chief Minister Shri Bommai further added saying, “Agarbathi and Fragrance is in the business of spreading happiness. It elevates the mood and makes us feel cheerful. In such small things there is a lot of happiness.”
AIAMA Expo & Conference will have more than 170 participants with over 500 stalls, curated speaker sessions and panel discussions on extensive topics such as the future of Indian Retail, Innovations in packaging and the future of duplex & corrugation, fragrance trends in India and so on. The three-day expo and conference will also showcase various cultural events and traditional art from India.
“AIAMA needs to work closely with the Government as a representative of the Agarbathi industry in India to carry out its mission in a sustained manner. I am extremely happy that this event has enabled everyone associated with the Agarbathi industry – from manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to come together as one entity and take proactive initiatives towards a progressive economy. This is part of the broader engagement of our initiatives with the government and civic society that we’d like to foster.”, said Mr. Arjun Ranga, President, AIAMA.
According to a recent study by the All India Agarbathi Manufacturers’ Association (AIAMA), which represents over 800 agarbathi manufacturers across the country, the demand for prayer products, especially agarbathi, has seen a sharp increase in the last two years in India and across the globe, as the exports went up to 15% in 2021. The industry has been traditionally growing at a compound annual growth rate of 3.6%, but is now witnessing double-digit growth as agarbathi was once a traditional product used only for worship and today, it is perceived as a lifestyle product used by all age groups for various needs including worship, home aroma, meditation/relaxation, spirituality and more.
In addition to this, the industry employs close to five lakh people nationally, of which three lakh workers are from Karnataka alone. Women comprise about 80% of the workforce in the agarbathi industry. This is totally in alignment with the government’s ‘Stree Shakthi Scheme’ which empowers rural women by providing them with training, employment, wealth generation schemes and subsidies, to make them financially independent. It is also interesting to note that the Geographical Indicator GI status of agarbathi has been awarded to Mysuru Agarbathi.
The event will showcase the origin of agarbathi and important milestones in the Agarbathi industry using exhibits such as iconic photographs, unique agarbathi samples and so on. The event platform provides incredible learning, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities for the participants, and will bring great visibility for the participants. The agarbathi industry is harnessing the full power of technology to grow the sector. The government is also extending its full support to ensure the deployment. The Expo has the support of the Fragrance and Flavours Association of India (FAFAI) Mumbai, the Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) Kannauj, the Essential Oils Association of India (EOAI), and others.
Established in 1949, AIAMA is the apex body that works towards the development of the agarbathi industry. With over 800 active members hailing from all over India, AIAMA helps the industry act with solidarity in all matters regarding the future of the industry. MOMA was transformed into All India agarbathi Manufacturers’ Association during the year 1980 to reflect its growing national character. AIAMA has since grown in strength and the present membership spread all over India is around 600.

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