“Diwali For All” a Jaiswal Youth Federation (JYF) initiative. – Adarsh Maharashtra

*Diwali For All” a Jaiswal Youth Federation (JYF) an initiative, aims to light up the festive season for the underprivileged ones’.*

It’s that time of the year when lights and crackers illuminate our lives. While the majority of us our privileged to celebrate Diwali with great pompous, there is a part of the society who are limited to basic or no celebration. Why should anyone be deprived of such a joyous moment? With this thought the Jaiswal Youth Federation (JYF) this year aims to ensure that the festival of lights is celebrated by even the most underprivileged classes. The JYF, with its ‘Diwali For All’ initiative wishes to empower someone so that they can light up their lives in Diwali just like the others. The initiative will commence on Sunday, October 20 at Malad from 4 pm onwards.

“The world knows India for our festivity especially during Diwali. The way we celebrate the festival keeping all the traditions and rituals in mind is next to none. With this initiative, we just hope to spread joy, laughter and enlighten the life of all those people who are forgotten or left out. While we are enjoying exchanging gifts, lighting diyas and making rangolis let us make an opportunity to bring happiness in someone else’s life. The Jaiswal community is adamant to ensure that Diwali was, is, and will always be for everyone and no one should be stopped from celebrating it with their family and loved ones. ” said *Rajdip Gupta, Co-trustee, Saraswati Devi Charitable Trust .*

“We invite a large number of youth to make the initiative a success. Our young generation is the future of our Jaiswal community as well as our country. Hence, their participation is of utmost value to us. They are the ones who can make everything possible. They are the flag bearers of change in our society. Besides, it feels great to lend a helping hand to the ones in need. So while we open our Diwali gifts, let us gift a smile,” said *Sandip Gupta, co-trustee, Saraswati Devi Charitable Trust .*

With the ‘Diwali for All’ program the Jaiswal Youth Federation supported by Aakhil Mumbai Jaiswal Sabha, Jaiswal Seva Sanstha Vasai, Jaiwal Samaj Seva Sanstha Dombivali, Shree Vindhyavasani Seva Mandal Jaiswal Parivar, Jaiswal Seva Sanstha Navi Mumbai and Jaiswal Foundation aims to bring the young minds of the community together to create a change in the society.

Apart from the ‘Diwali for all’ initiative by Jaiswal Youth Federation, the other initiatives by the Jaiswal Community have tremendously worked towards the betterment of the community. The Sarawati Devi Charitable Trust has spearheaded several initiatives including the Jaiswal Champions League to bring the community together for an exciting cricket tournament. With Project Pahal, the Guptas and the Trust hope to energise and empower the Jaiswal community that has been an integral part of Mumbai for over 50 years.ll

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