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Gift Luxury this Valentine’s!

Introducing ITC Engage’s Luxury Mini Eau De Parfum Fragrance Gift sets for the ultimate romantic gesture

National. February 12th, 2024, A whiff of a signature fragrance has the power to elevate senses and trigger the most heartfelt emotions. Fragrance holds a profound significance in love and romance. It has the power to evoke memories, stir emotions and ignite desire. This Valentine’s Day, ITC Engage unveils a decadent Luxury Miniature Eau De Parfum Fragrance Gift Set curated with the most sought-after scents that dominate fragrance trends of today.

The fragrances embody the essence of love and celebration and the exclusive gift sets blend timeless elegance and luxury making it the perfect expression of affection for that special someone and significant other.

Kartik Aryan, Brand Ambassador ITC Engage expresses, “I believe fragrance is not just a scent but a language of love. Resonating deeply with the essence of Valentine’s, afragrance makes for an absolutely beautiful gift. ITC Engage Luxury Mini Eau De Parfum Gift sets are designed to evoke passion, captivate senses and truly elevate the Valentine’s Day gifting experience.”

Packed in an elegant presentation box, the Gift sets for Him and Her exudes opulence. The beautiful miniature bottles reflect sophistication and are convenient to carry everywhere. The scents bottled together presents a melange of different emotions that express love. The Engage Eau De Parfum Minis are an ideal travel companion, perfect for a weekend getaway together.

Tara Sutaria, Brand Ambassador ITC Engage adds,For me a fragrance is an emotion. When it comes to gifting, I always choose a present that evokes a memory and often find myself exploring fragrances to perfectly suit the personality as well as compliment the occasion. Engage’s beautiful curation of the Luxury Mini Eau De Parfum Gift Sets elevates the celebration of love this Valentine’s Day. It is the perfect gift that exemplifies the allure of romance.”  

Available for both him and her, along with a combination gift set for both at INR 899 on, BlinkIt and Amazon, ITC Engage Luxury Mini Eau De Parfume Gift sets are a signature assortment of fragrances for all palettes and preferences.

Fragrance is a recent passion of mine and I am intrigued by the power and allure just a whiff of fine fragrance holds. I believe in the intensity of love and this translates into the kind of gifts that I would personally select. For me, a specialfragrance will always have a story. Gifting a fragrance is about sharing the story and the memory of a special moment. The new Luxury Mini Eau De Perfumes from ITC Engage area great way to express love and illuminate a fragrant memory,” adds Shubman Gill, Brand Ambassador ITC Engage.

Scents in the box:


For Men

ITC Engage Amber Hues:

Amber Hues, crafted for men, is a sophisticated and long-lasting fragrance that embodies freedom, a unique identity, allure, and charm with its fruity and amber-infused notes. This modern fougere scent is ideal for special occasions like social gatherings, formal events, dates, weddings, parties, and meetings, making it an exceptional gift choice.

Notes: Fougere Fruity Ambery

ITC Engage Indigo Skies:

Engage presents Indigo Skies Perfume, a long-lasting men’s fragrance that skillfully combines aromatic lavender with luxurious earthy woody undertones, heightened by a lively interplay of bergamot and spices. The outcome is a captivating and enduring essence that captures the harmonious fusion of masculinity and earthy elements on the skin. This versatile fragrance is perfect for everyday use, casual encounters, brunch dates, and serves as an exceptional gift option.

Notes: Woody, Aromatic, Fresh Spicy, Green, Floral, Earthy

ITC Engage Yin:

A remarkably fresh and revitalizing green citrus fragrance, accompanied by understated hints of earthy woods. Designed for the suave and self-assured man, this long-lasting scent incorporates the elegance of ambers and the depth of patchouli, guaranteeing a memorable trail wherever your journey leads you.

Notes: Pineapple & Bergamot Heart Notes: Black Pepper Base Notes: Amber and Patchouli

ITC Engage Homme:

Featuring an invigorating top note of bergamot and captivating heart notes of patchouli, complemented by the depth of sandalwood in its base, this fragrance is an ideal choice for everyday wear, brunch dates, and casual meetings. Tailored for the alpha male, this premium and enduring scent evoke intrigue and admiration, appealing to those who value quality. With its versatile appeal, this fragrance makes for a thoughtful and lasting expression of appreciation, perfect for gifting occasions.

Notes: Bergamot Heart Notes: Patchouli Base Notes: Sandalwood

For Women: