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Inkrevenue Fostering Enhanced Productivity via Effective Management

Effective management plays a crucial role in a company’s growth by setting an example of strong leadership, decision making and effective use of resources which contributes significantly to overall organizational success.

InkRevenue, formerly known as IncRevenue, an in-house publisher and adnetwork, is working towards effective management coordination to ensure enhanced growth and clear vision. With 200+ website and in-house traffic inventory, Inkrevenue provides traffic accross the globe.

 This Gurgaon based company is focusing on problem solving via clear communication, goal alignment, and collaborative efforts among team members. Regular meetings, discussions over long term solutions and transparent communication channels, Inkrevenue is fostering a culture of accountability and recognizing individual strengths within the team can enhance overall coordination and productivity.

Inkrevenue is focused on creating a problem-solving culture where team members feel empowered to address challenges, and provide timely feedback to continuously improve processes. Inkrevenue regularly assess and refine coordination strategies to ensure adaptability to changing circumstances.

Team structure and hierarchy play crucial roles in developing effective communication, collaboration, and accountability within an organization.

At Inkrevenue Sales and Finance  team comes under Saksham’s supervision where Aditya is accountable for R&D, Operations and Delivery part of the business. The founders have created strong pillars under them as team leaders for each department who manage and guide day to day work load.

 A well-defined structure helps distribute tasks, clarify roles, and establish reporting lines, contributing to smoother workflow and goal attainment. It provides a framework for decision-making, ensuring that responsibilities are clearly defined and accountability is maintained. However, it’s essential to balance structure with flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and encourage innovation within the team.

Founders encourage collaborative efforts between management and employees at Inkrevenue, it plays a vital role in company’s growth.

Regular encouragement of employees is a practice since InkRevenue was IncRevenue, it has proven to boosts morale, fostering a positive mindset that can enhance motivation and resilience. When employees feel supported, they’re more likely to take on challenges, stay focused, and persist in the face of setbacks and ultimately contributing to increased productivity.

Inkrevenue is looking at 4x growth in coming financial year and aim to scale their offering in new areas of business with superior service quality. They are working towards increasing their team strength to provide for their vision and fastpace company’s growth.


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