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Primus Coworks launches services in Mumbai

Founder of disruptive and innovative co-working space company Primus Co-works have announced the launch of their unique services in Mumbai and Pune. Making a mark by partnering with 32 of Mumbai and Pune’s finest restaurants as well as cafes at prime locations, they are expanding as well as spreading their out of the box idea far and wide. The company aims to convert lounge bars, cafes and restaurants into dedicated workspaces during their off-peak hours while catering to a wide spectrum of target clientele It promises a workspace that is comfortable, relaxed, and productive.

This will certainly be a hook for those who are freelancers, SMEs, and start-ups, as Primus Co-works provides an economical and fully-managed workspace. These places will provide a lively environment, which will ensure an increase in their efficiency, creativity, and energy.

If one is in Mumbai, one can choose from a select list of restaurants that range from renowned restaurants like The Clearing House , to charming neighborhood cafes like Love & Latte. For those in Pune too, one can choose from formal restaurants such as Nawab Asia, to casual hangout spots like Playboy Beer Garden. Additionally, Primus gives amenities that one may not get when working at a restaurant conventionally, such as repro services, concierge services, executive assistance, valet parking, unlimited complimentary beverages, and a discounted menu.

Renowned ad-filmmaker Abhinay Deo along with Shardul Singh Bayas are the masterminds behind this idea and revealed their plans at the launch event in Mumbai.

Abhinay Deo says, “Our concept is different and based on deep insight from what the audiences go through. We noticed that youngsters today are always sitting at coffee shops with no WIFI or basic services and we want to change that with Primus Co-works. We have over 25 restaurants in Mumbai on board already and these numbers will triple over the next few months.”

Shardul Singh Bayas added, “We have tested this concept in Pune and it worked beautifully. Mumbai as a market is very experimental and I can see this concept working well here as well. Primus Co- works is for everyone who needs a comfortable place to work at with the right kind of services to aid their creativity.”

Primus Co-works plans to spread its dedicated restaurant workspace initiative across India by March 2020

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