Mortein launches its first global premium innovation Launches ‘Mortein SMART’ with Neha Dhupia. – Adarsh Maharashtra

In the age of smart devices, Mosquito Protection gets Mortein SMART- is 100% Automatic and provides 100% protection* from disease causing mosquitoes

Mumbai| February 12, 2020: Mortein, amongst the world’s leading pest control brands today announced the launch of their latest innovation ‘Mortein SMART’. The new plug-in machine comprising of a ‘Smart’ chip is 100% automatic and promises 100% continuous protection. Launched by leading actor and entrepreneur Neha Dhupia who is also a young working mom, the product is targeted at busy mums like her who are seeking uncompromising protection for their families.

In India, 3 out of 4 households do not use a repellent machine during the day^ leaving their families vulnerable to day biting dengue causing mosquitoes like Aedes Aegypti. In addition, independent consumer research conducted by Mortein indicated that 73% women may forget to change modes between high and low modes. New Mortein ‘SMART’ is the latest technological innovation designed by global research labs that is 100% automatic with a pre-programmed chip which auto pulsates giving you 100% continuous protection from mosquitoes through the day.

Through this launch, RB India aims to bring in sophisticated tech-driven solutions that will strengthen its foothold in the Rs. 2200 Cr liquid vaporiser segment in India. This automatic technology resonated well with consumers who tested the product, wherein 9 out of 10 consumers showed inclination to switch from their current device post trial.

Commenting on the launch, Sukhleen Aneja, CMO & Marketing Director, RB Hygiene Home South Asia said, “Mortein is one of our Global power brands. We are happy to bring to India our most innovative tech first SMART solution that can automate protection and protect families against mosquitoes that can cause life threatening diseases like dengue and Malaria 24/7. It is Mortein’s global 1st initiative designed keeping Indian consumers in mind and combining the very best of global technology with a SMART chip that automatically oscillates between high and low mode.”

At the product launch, Actor & Entrepreneur Neha Dhupia said, “Like all mothers, I am excessively protective about my child. It is a constant struggle for me to keep my home protected. Like many other smart solutions, we have adopted in our lives, I am happy to plug and forget with Mortein SMART as its 100% automatic technology keeps my home protected. This product is indeed a smart choice for moms who lead busy lives and might forget to switch modes or switch on their machines on time.”

Dr. Skand Saksena, Director R&D, RB Hygiene Home, South Asia highlighted, “Our mosquito threat is evolving and so should our technology. With Mortein SMART, we provide a pre-programmed superior chip solution that tends to mirror mosquito activity cycle. The smart chip technology makes it 100% automatic and provides 100% protection against dengue and malaria while being efficient on the refill being used.”

Globally, Mortein has been at the forefront of introducing innovative and effective solutions to consumers seeking protection against pest-borne diseases, for over a century. The New Mortein SMART switches modes automatically, reflected through performance beacon, wherein the red light stands for ‘Power’ mode and the blue light represents ‘Normal’ mode. Mortein SMART will be available with the machine and a 45ML refill in 1 pack for Rs. 149 and is currently available across E-commerce platforms, traditional trade and modern trade stores across the country.

*Based on 100% landing/biting inhibition against dengue/malaria causing mosquitoes after 35 minutes of product exposure under standard test conditions

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