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NDMC New Delhi dazzles with the scintillating success of Bihar 2047 Vision Conclave

A campaign that has transcended from the confines of closed vicinity and unbounded to the expanse of the sphere, one that has emanated from the roots of the homeland and spread its wings across borders, bridging gaps, connecting people, and inspiring them to inspire their land through Education, Egalitarian, and Entrepreneurship. Under the proficient leadership of a visionary who can lead a pack and multitask at the same time effortlessly, one who leads by example, Shree Vikas Vaibhav, IPS, ‘Bihar@2047 Vision Conclave’ at NDMC New Delhi saw a momentous success and tremendous positivity with a promise of hope, perseverance, determination, and commitment, to reinstate the past glory of Bihar and build a stronger future.

A conference of the Let’s Inspire Bihar initiative was organized on 23rd Dec 2023 at NDMC Convention Centre, Delhi, where thousands of inspired Biharis resolved to make Bihar a developed state by 2047. Under the visionary guidance of IPS Officer Shri Vikas Vaibhav, more than 76,000 entrepreneurs, academicians, and social workers from all over India are voluntarily contributing to this campaign for the better future of Bihar. After more than 1000 programs since 22nd March 2021 under the initiative, a series of Bihar Brihat Jan Samvads titled Namaste Bihar has been started from Begusarai on 10th December 2023, in which more than 50,000 persons from all over Bihar participated. The next Jan Samvad is scheduled for 21st January 2024 in Maharaja College, Ara.

The awareness and drive to inspire individuals from across the country to rise and join the mission of reinstating the past glory of Bihar also saw a successful Youth Talk and Entrepreneur Meet in Pune on 16th December 2023 at Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe Rang Mandir Yerawada, where IPS Vikas Vaibhav, as the Chief Guest, addressed the importance and participation of youth and entrepreneurs in developing the state. The event was made successful by the zealous efforts and participation of Mohan Kumar Jha, Vinod Kumar Ojha, Jyoti Jha, Ajit Kumar, Pawan Chaudhary, Santosh Bhartiya, Surabhi Aplesh Mohan, Rupesh Bhardwaj, Apoorva Gaurav, and Jatashankar Chaudhary. 

Let’s Inspire Bihar is a voluntary social, cultural, and educational initiative that seeks to promote and work upon the themes of Education, Egalitarianism, and Entrepreneurship to contribute towards the establishment of a better future for Bihar. It has connected committed individuals, who have voluntarily opted to contribute towards future building on any of the core themes. The inspiration emanating from Bihar’s magnificent heritage, which since the most ancient times had made its mark felt in the then-contemporary world, is the main driving force behind the initiative.

The main objective of the Bihar @2047 Vision Conclave was to connect the intellectual fraternity of Bihar and make a road map for making Bihar a strong and developed state by 2047. This Vision was considered in the conclave and the participants put forth their views and resolved to make every possible effort to take Bihar to new heights. Speaking on the occasion, Vikas Vaibhav appealed to all successful Bihari entrepreneurs, settled across the globe, to mentor the youth of Bihar towards a revolution of entrepreneurship. He stated that the special focus was on doing something for the future of 9 crore youth of Bihar, aged below 30, through education and entrepreneurship. For a developed Bihar by 2047, he asked all the people of Bihar to contribute irrespective of caste, religion, or creed. He set a target of 5 successful Startups in every district of Bihar, which can employ more than 100 persons, to be started under the guidance of the initiative, so that it starts a chain reaction to Inspire more and more Startups. He stated that the target is that by 2047, no one should be required to migrate outside Bihar for education, employment, or health opportunities. He requested all capable people of Bihar living currently outside Bihar to join the Chapters in their districts and connect with the local schools, colleges, and communities to contribute in every possible capacity. 

This program was organized in conjunction with Vadodara Chapter Coordinator Shri Mohan Kumar Jha and Delhi Chapter Keshri Inder Mohan Yadav, Anil Kumar Jha, and Ravindra Sinha. The program started with Saraswati Vandana and the lighting of the Lamp. Dignitaries present on the stage included Shri Vikas Vaibhav, Brigadier. A.K. Singh, Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi, Renowned Poet Shambhu Shikhar, Shri Alok Kumar Ranjan, Mrs. Sonam Mishra, Shri Niren Anand, Shri Amit Thakur, Mrs. Snigdha Srivasatava, Shri Anil Kumar Jha, Shri Shambhu Shekhar, Shri Indra Mohan Yadav and others. Shri Alok Kumar Ranjan, National Convenor presented the annual report.

Enhancing the skills of the youth for the opportunities of empowerment, opportunities of employment attracting entrepreneurs in Bihar, especially a dedicated panel discussion titled ‘development of entrepreneurs’ was attended by dynamic entrepreneurs who threw light on their journey, Bihar’s concerns, and circumstances of the system. Other Panels deliberated on the inclusion of women, women entrepreneurship, and the importance of education. The panel saw the esteemed presence of speakers like entrepreneur Snigdha Srivastava (Hyderabad), Author Jyoti Jha (Pune), and Social activist and entrepreneur Priyanka Jha (Bengaluru), headed by IPS Vikas Vaibhav. Author Jyoti Jha shared her thoughts on how through her writing she aims to contribute towards societal awareness and women empowerment. Her inspiration is drawn from the vision of Let Inspire Bihar and seeing the person who has sacrificed a dream life of comfort and cushion to serve the society, country, and a greater cause, which has instilled in every individual an inspiration to contribute to society and the betterment of their state. It was also highlighted in one of the discussions that entrepreneurship is based on agriculture which nourishes most of the people of Bihar and it was talked about bringing fundamental changes in it. The event crossed the boundaries and saw the participation of Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur Vaibhav Pande (Uttarakhand), a world record holder and awarded with Atal Bihari Vajpayi Samman. Enthusiastic participants from New Delhi like Advocate Priyambica Jha (Supreme Court of India) also marked their presence to celebrate the occasion. 

The detailed Agenda for panel discussions focused around – How Bihar can emerge as an IT/Software Hub /Manufacturing Hub, the Scope of Pharmacy, Education & Pharma Industry, Cosmetic industry in Bihar, Skill Development of Local Youth and creating Employment opportunities, Opportunities for MSME in Bihar, How Incubation Centre can play a role in Shaping Entrepreneurship, Awareness Program for Farmers at Block level for growing Cash Crops/ Medicinal Plants, Role of MSME, SIDBI, NABARD,  Banking department (Bihar) & other Institutions for creation of Investor Friendly Ecosystem, Inviting IIT engineers to share their views, insights, and thoughts on flood control issues in Bihar (especially North Bihar), Revival of school education in rural areas and creating opportunities for mid-size farmers for integrated farming to ensure reverse migration in villages, and Development of ecotourism in Bihar.

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