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Pooja Gor Ventures into Audio Series as a Special Promo Narrator for Insta Millionaire, Devil Se Shaadi, Secret Ameerzaada, and Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To

Actress Pooja Gor, best known as Television’s Pratigya, has taken an intriguing new turn in her career. Following her remarkable performance as a self-sacrificing mother in a recent web series,excitement for her next project soared to new heights.. And finally, the big reveal is finally here – Pooja has embraced the captivating realm of audio series, joining the ranks of actors who have embraced this medium. She has embarked on this new journey in collaboration with Pocket FM, global audio series platform, for a special promo shoot.

In this unique promo, Pooja doesn’t rely on her acting skills but rather on her entrancing narration. Her mesmerising voice takes centre stage as she introduces audiences to four phenomenal audio series: “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To,” “Secret Ameerzaada,” “Insta Millionaire,” and “Devil Se Shaadi.” The magic of audio has transformed her into a captivating narrator, breathing life into these engrossing audio series for the audience.

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*On her association with Pocket FM, Pooja shares,* “As a medium, audio has been around in the entertainment space for a long time, although audio series is a new and exciting segment. I’m absolutely thrilled about my collaboration with Pocket FM for the special promo. In the age of OTT web shows and movies, audio series are a refreshing change. It’s fascinating how actors are not just limited to the screens, and are now using their voice to create engaging audio series. As actors, we often focus on facial expressions, but audio series taught me the importance of emoting through words. If your words, and tonality of your narration don’t match your expressions, it’s a missed opportunity.”

*She further adds,* “In today’s busy world, we often talk a lot but forget to listen. Audio content is changing that. It encourages us to pay attention and understand better, instead of just talking nonstop. With our hectic lives and shorter attention spans, audio series are a great way to enjoy exciting stories while travelling or relaxing at home. I’ve had a deep connection with audio stories since my childhood during long journeys. Now, I’m thrilled to share this wonderful audio experience with others through this unique collaboration.”

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Each of these series offers a distinctive and captivating experience. “Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To” unfolds Anika’s emotional journey, teeming with love, loss, and enigmatic secrets. “Secret Ameerzaada” ventures into Ahan Raizada’s story, a man who discovers his true identity, defying societal norms. “Insta Millionaire” takes us through Lucky’s incredible odyssey from poverty to wealth, along with an unexpected twist. Meanwhile, “Devil Se Shaadi” immerses us in the accidental and unconventional union of Ishqi and Rajveer, promising a rollercoaster of emotions and unforeseen twists.

Pooja, who is seen in Shitty Ideas Trending and Guns and Gulaab, forays into the world of audio series is a delightful surprise for her fans, and she’s all set to etch her mark through the enchanting power of narration. These audio series are poised to immerse audiences in their distinctive and compelling worlds, and Pooja Gor’s powerful introduction has added an extra layer of enchantment to audio storytelling. So, if you haven’t yet delved into these audio series, what’s holding you back? Download the Pocket FM app now and embark on a binge-listening journey, as these audio series are exclusively available on the app.

Secret Ameerzaada:
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To:

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