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Mumbai, 27th May 2024: Quick Heal Technologies Ltd., a leading global cybersecurity solutions provider, today announced that its flagship product, Quick Heal Total Security, has been awarded two prestigious recognitions from the AVLab Cybersecurity Foundation, an independent organization dedicated to protecting privacy and security on the internet. In the AVLab’s intensive Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test for 2023, Quick Heal Total Security achieved an exceptional 100% detection and remediation rate against 1,472 live malware samples.

The first recognition, the AVLab’s “Product of the Year 2024” certification, confirms Quick Heal Total Security’s extremely robust and comprehensive protection capabilities for the Windows operating system. This certification is awarded based on a solution’s performance in blocking malware from internet sources like websites, spam, and messaging apps using default or recommended security settings.

Quick Heal Total Security also earned the “TOP Remediation Time” award for its ultra-fast response to detected threats, swiftly neutralizing malware from the moment of initial system entry through complete removal of all malicious activity and artifacts. This recognition underscores Quick Heal’s layered defenses and automated remediation capabilities against even the stealthiest and most persistent malware.

Commenting on the achievement, Vishal Salvi, Chief Executive Officer of Quick Heal, said, “Receiving both the ‘Product of the Year’ and ‘TOP Remediation Time’ awards from AVLab Cybersecurity Foundation is an outstanding achievement that validates our relentless commitment to advancing cybersecurity innovation. As threat actors continually evolve their tactics, Quick Heal remains dedicated to delivering market-leading protection capabilities that keep our customers secured against the latest real-world malware risks.”

The Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test conducted by AVLab represents one of the most rigorous real-world malware testing methodologies in the industry. It relies on malware samples collected from a variety of sources to conduct a formidable validation of efficacy of AV products.

In the test scenario, Windows systems are configured to mimic typical user behavior like browsing the internet and opening files — common entry points that malware leverages through social engineering tactics. Security solutions are then evaluated on their ability to block malware pre-execution through web filtering and file scanning, detect and terminate any malicious software that manages to run, and completely remediate all effects of the incident without system downtime or data loss.

Quick Heal Total Security demonstrated unparalleled prevention, detection, and response capabilities in this real-world testing environment. Over 82% of malware samples were blocked proactively before ever reaching the execution stage, either in the browser or upon attempting to save an infected file to disk. The solution then rapidly terminated the remaining 18% of malware samples post-launch before any nefarious actions could be carried out.

AVLab’s telemetry data confirmed that through Quick Heal Total Security’s multi-layered defenses, the Windows operating system and data storage were never compromised by any of the 1,472 malware samples used in the test — a perfect 100% protection rate.

The recognitions from the AVLab highlight Quick Heal’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and effective malware prevention tailored for today’s continually shape-shifting threat landscape. Businesses and individuals can rely on Quick Heal Total Security’s advanced exploit prevention, malware scanning, behavioral monitoring, and automated remediation capabilities to proactively harden defenses and rapidly respond to threats, minimizing risk to data confidentiality, system availability and integrity. Quick Heal recently aced the Internet Banking Protection Test by AVLab where it emerged as the only Indian first to feature amongst the winners offering the safest banking and internet experience.

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