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The Federal Councilor, Simonetta Sommaruga of Switzerland, Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC), visited the ABB Ability Innovation Center in Bengaluru. – Adarsh Maharashtra

2019:The Federal Councilor, Simonetta Sommaruga of Switzerland, Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC), visited the ABB Ability Innovation Center in Bengaluru, which houses one of ABB’s largest pool of technologists across the ABB universe for research, development and engineering. Ms Sommaruga was leading a delegation of clean technology companies from Switzerland, seen here in the picture with Sanjeev Sharma, Managing Director, ABB India. As part of the visit, at a time when the state of Karnataka is aiming for a significant share in the proposed wish-list of USD1 trillion digital economy in the country, ABB showcased its journey of digitalization with customers across sectors – from cement to paints, iron and steel to food and beverage and transportation.

Innovations in the clean energy space including local innovations like solar pump drive for farmers with more than 35,000 installations across the globe was also highlighted. Also, on display was ABB’s smart sensor, which can do remote digital diagnostics for industrial assets like motors and clean drives which provide seamless, efficient functioning of electrical networks by addressing the issue of harmonics. The state of Karnataka has been one of the pioneers in encouraging policies on solar parks, pilot of new clean technologies, and help farmers get into renewable energy generation.

The minister and delegation also got a demonstration of industry 4.0 in tech hub of the country with ABB’s remote condition monitoring of 8,000 robots, ~180 process plants across the globe from the Bengaluru center. ABB’s solutions for smart cities were also explained to the delegation including integrated operations for better infrastructure management and scalable solutions for better infrastructure management of smart cities. Karnataka has 7 smart cities in the list of development, including Bengaluru. ABB has worked on a range of projects for smart cities of Raipur, Ranchi, Ujjain, Surat and Dholera – smart power distribution technology to water supply monitoring and distribution.

“We are pleased and honored to host the honorable Federal Councillor and the Swiss business delegation at our global ABB Ability Innovation Center, which plays a key role in developing technologies of the future. ABB with its Swiss heritage shares the same passion and commitment for sustainability as Switzerland and the honorable Federal Councillor. India has taken up a leadership role globally be it in energy efficiency, emission targets, clean energy and electric mobility projects. ABB in India will continue to successfully partner our nation’s initiatives and creating business opportunities from sustainable technologies to engage all stakeholders beneficially,” saidSanjeev Sharma, Managing Director, ABB India.

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