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World Emergency Day, Redefining Lifelines and Saving Lives

Navi Mumbai, 27 May 2024: Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai (AHNM) proudly announces the launch of Maharashtra’s advanced 5G-connected ambulance service, debuting on World Emergency Day, Monday, 27 May 2024. This is not just a technological leap; it is a lifeline. It means faster, real-time medical interventions during the critical golden hour when every second can mean the difference between life and death.

The pulse of innovation beats in the tales of “Golden Hour Heroes”—ordinary souls weaving extraordinary tales of courage. With the debut of their 5G ambulance service, their bravery shines brighter, ensuring expert care embraces every emergency moment. Empowered by life-saving training and cutting-edge tech, community champions stand ready to elevate interventions to new heights.

Transforming Emergency Response: AHNM’s new 5G ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment, patient monitoring applications, and telemetry devices that transmit vital health data to the hospital in real-time. These ambulances, featuring on-board cameras connected to an ultra-fast 5G network, enable doctors to virtually accompany patients, guiding paramedics to perform necessary procedures en route.

Key Features of the 5G Ambulance Service:

Always Connected: The high-speed, low-latency 5G network ensures continuous communication between the ambulance and the hospital’s command center. This allows for real-time transmission of the patient’s vitals, enabling doctors to make timely decisions and prepare for the patient’s arrival.
Virtual ER Specialists: The near-real-time camera feed allows ER specialist doctors at the hospital to virtually guide paramedics, ensuring immediate medical interventions during transit.
Emergency Care and Community Impact: AHNM receives an average of 1,500 footfalls in the ER every month. Our ER is equipped with dedicated sections, including 14 adult and 4 paediatric beds, to cater to diverse emergency needs. The hospital also operates a fleet of 8 ambulances, ensuring swift and effective emergency responses.

Community Initiatives and Training: We are deeply committed to community health and emergency preparedness. AHNM has collaborated with over 500 local communities, conducting approximately 150 activities annually, including 15 ER awareness programs. The hospital promotes the emergency number 1066 and provides a free ambulance service within a 30 km radius.

Golden Hour Heroes: People who received emergency training and used it to save someone’s life are named “Golden Hour Heroes”. Through this program, we are taking the initiative to encourage more individuals to get trained. We aim to empower more community members with life-saving skills.

Dr. Nitin Jagasia, Regional Director – Emergency (Western Region), Apollo Hospitals emphasized, ” The Emergency Medical Services at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai, are committed to providing the best available emergency care through the latest technology and innovation. The 5G cardiac ambulance is the latest tool we have introduced to achieve this. By assessing the patient in the ambulance, the in-hospital specialist team of cardiologists, neurologists, trauma surgeons, and their team members can prepare for the definitive management of the patient upon arrival at the hospital. This latest innovation will further enhance the patient journey towards a happy and healthy outcome.”

“The Golden Hour is crucial for emergency patients. Our scientifically developed emergency system with 1066 ambulance service, 24×7 dedicated care, and seamless communication ensures rapid response, transforming ambulances into hospitals on wheels. With 5G connectivity, remote diagnosis advances preventative healthcare, marking a significant step forward in emergency care.”

Mr Gaurav Mhatre, Golden Hour Hero added, “It was an ordinary day until I witnessed a tragic accident involving a 2.5-year-old baby and her parents in Navi Mumbai. Awareness about basic life support training helped me realise that I had to bring her to the hospital immediately. The child has now recovered well thanks to the prompt medical care by Apollo Hospital Drs. This experience underscores the crucial importance of learning life-saving techniques. I urge everyone to undergo life saver training; together we can make a difference and save lives. I appreciate the efforts of Apollo Hospitals in raising awareness about emergency treatment.”

Mr. Santosh Marathe, Regional CEO – Western Region, Apollo Hospitals added, “Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai has always strived to provide world-class healthcare access to the community. Our hospital manages approx 25,000 admissions through emergency department each year. The 5G-connected ambulances utilize the Golden Hour effectively, beginning treatment enroute to the hospital. This initiative, supported by our 30 km radius, free ambulance service, ensures quality care is accessible to all. Our dedicated pediatric and adult ER beds, staffed with competent nursing teams, trained emergency physicians with Royal College of London affiliation ensure adherence to protocol driven emergency response”

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