JK Tyre Monsoon Scooter Rally to be held on August 25 – Adarsh Maharashtra

Mumbai, August 10: Mumbai’s popular JK Tyre Monsoon Scooter Rally, to be held on August 25, promises to be a much more exciting affair this year.

Organised by Sportscraft and Powered by TVS Racing, riders from different parts of the state and neighbouring cities are gearing up to take part in this unique rally.

The 29th edition will be held in the backwoods of Poyanje,  Chouk and  Rasayani and will test the riders’ skills and their scooters’ mettle in slushy conditions.

The annual event is open to all Indian-made scooters and will see competitions in three categories: S-1, two-stroke scooters between 80cc to 110cc; four-stroke scooters from 80cc to  210 cc in Group B; and S-2 between 110cc to 160cc geared scooters..

A maximum of 50 entries will be accepted on a first-come basis.

Standard entries will be accepted till August 16, 1700 hours, while late entries close on August 21, 15:00 hrs.

Entry forms and all details are available on site They will be accepted only at the Sportscraft office, Chitrakut, 3rd Floor, Siri Road, Chowpatty Bandstand, Mumbai 400 006.

Web              :-

Face book   :- Sportscraft India.

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