Juniorthon 2018, Mumbai’s largest kid’s marathon and Christmas carnival, witnesses over- whelming support from over 4000 kids – Adarsh Maharashtra

Part of the proceedings from the registrations donated to ‘Smile Foundation’ to support education for underprivileged kids

Key Highlights


  • Run supported by Actress Amyra Dastur and child artists , Shivansh Kotia, Raj Anadkat, Divyansh Dwivedi and India’s youngest child magician Swarang Pritam Randive
  • Juniorthon hosted  Mumbai’s first and only marathon for children and parent (0.5Kms)
  • Encourages running as an active lifestyle for children and the entire family whilst supporting a good cause
  • Includes The Happy Run which encourages Specially- abled children to participate in a unique 0.5 km inspirational marathon
  • Beyond Run: Fun and Fitness Carnival for the entire family


  • Future outlook: Aims to engage more than 1 lakh children via multi-city runs and immersive programs by 2019

Mumbai, December 23, 2018:  Juniorthon 2018, Mumbai’s, largest kid’s marathon witnessed over whelming support from over 4000 kid’s, who ran to support ‘Right to Education Programme’ under Mission Education, by Smile Foundation. The kid’s marathon, which took place on December 23, 2018 (Sunday) at MMRDA Grounds, Bandra, also witnessed participation from well-known celebrities and child actors like Amyra Dastur and child artists, Shivansh Kotia, Raj Anadkat and Divyansh Dwivedi. The event also saw a special performance by India’s youngest child magician Swarang Pritam Randive who performed for the little tots and encouraged them to dream big and come out of their homes to celebrate outdoor activities.

Childhood obesity has doubled in India; more than 15 million children are estimated to be overweight in urban India. 90% of children and teenager in Mumbai are addicted to mobiles and internet gaming. To encourage them to involve in physical activity and cultivate the behavior for exercise and outdoor activities Juniorthon 2018, flagged of its 4th season, establishing itself not only as the largest Kids marathon in Mumbai but also as a community project supported by parents and the entire family. The run encourages children to participate without worrying about winning or losing, as it awards every child with a ‘Finishers medal’ for completing the run.

Speaking on the run Mrs Bhavna Mehta, Organizer, Juniorthon 2018, said, “We are thankful and thrilled to witness such a humongous support for Juniorthon 2018 by kids and their parents. This being the 4th successful year for Juniorthon, Mumbai’s largest kids marathon, the objective of the event was to create awareness and urge parents to encourage children to come out of their sedentary life style. Childhood obesity, depression, vitamin D deficiency & other related diseases are on rise in India, as children no longer engage themselves in outdoor activities. The run thus was to provide a platform for children to enjoy outdoor activities and encourage them to participate in the ‘act of giving’ thus enabling them to be sensitive to their surroundings and take responsibility. A part of the proceedings from the registrations would be donated to ‘Smile Foundation’ for their ‘Right to Education Programme’.”

Juniorthon 2018, also organized a special run and first ever in Mumbai called ‘The Happy Run’ for specially- abled children as they participated in a unique 0.5 km inspirational marathon. The run saw full support from the parents and celebrities who encouraged these children whole-heartedly.

Speaking on the race actor Amyra Dastur mentioned, “It is important that children play outside as much as they play indoors, as outdoor play builds physical endurance and mental toughness. I am thankful to the team of Juniorthon 2018, for allowing me to be a part of such an inspirational event. Watching these children enjoy the activities and carnival has refreshed my childhood memories, the fact that this event not only packs in fun and play but also supports noble cause, makes it a unique event in itself. I appeal and encourage all children to enjoy outdoor activities as much as they enjoy indoor games.”

Adding on Divyansh Dwivedi, said “I enjoyed the marathon thoroughly, and want to be part of such events that encourages children to come out and play. Even with my busy schedule, I ensure that I take out time to engage myself in outdoor activities as it helps build my physical as well as mental stamina. I also make it a point to exercise and do simple stretches during shoot schedules as it energizes me. Thus I encourage every kid to play outdoors as much as possible while balancing their studies.”

Speaking on the run, Celebrity Life Coach Nidhika Bahl said “it is important that we encourage children from young age to think positive, experience outdoor activities, set goals and milestones and engage them in noble causes as it helps their mental development and makes them responsible citizens.”


Stressing on the need for physical exercise and correct nutrition from early childhood Sheryl Salis, Registered Dietician and Founder- Nurture Health Solutions said “Nutritionist Quote:  Nutrition in kids is important to meet the demands of accelerated physical, emotional and biochemical development. Nutrition and physical growth are integrally related, optimal nutrition is a requisite for achieving full growth potential. Healthy habits in childhood are responsible for a healthy future. Adequate calorie and nutrient intake is recommended to prevent obesity and under-nutrition. Focus must be on healthy and nutritious food rather than unhealthy food. Parents must ensure that children are physically active and indulge in atleast 60 mins of physical activity daily’.

Other celebrities who participated in the marathon were Shivansh Kotia, Raj Anadkat and Amyra Dastur who spread their infectious energy and encouraged the children during the run.

Juniorthon is categorised to accommodate various levels of runners considering age and distance. To support a good cause and promote a healthier future for children, the goal of this marathon is to discourage the over use of gadgets and encourage them to come out and play outdoor, facilitating visual development and engagement with the community.

Prior to the run Juniorthon organised an in-depth training cum prep-up session by fitness experts who introduced children to long distance running and taught them to avoid injuries and maintain stamina during the run.

Following the run, Juniorthon also hosted a special Christmas theme family carnival cum fitness expo with multiple workshops, curated shows, fitness activities and food pop-ups for a great family mêlée.

Categories included:

  • OPENERS: Distance: 0.5 km – 1 Parent + 1 child aged between 5-11 years
  • BEGINNERS: Distance: 1 km – Age: 6 to 11 years
  • AMATEURS: Distance: 2 km – Age: 8 to 13 years
  • PROS: Distance: 4 km – Age: 10 to 15 years
  • DIFFERENTLY ABLED: Distance: 0.5 km – Age: 6 to 15 years


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