Maharaja Bhog Kalbadevi – The Veg restaurant that makes you feel like a king – Adarsh Maharashtra

Providing a Sumptuous Meal fit for Kings at a value price for the common man

Sitting in the heart of Kalbadevi Mumbai, this new restaurant has opened its doors for the common man to serve its Royal Thali – King Style.

Following the tradition of Kings, you are welcomed with a tilak on your forehead and ushered to a table with Bronze Thalis laid out for you, this Golden metal has been known to enrich the foods with its properties.

Bronze Thalis laid out

The Maharaja Royal Thali is an unlimited Vegetarian sit-down buffet with table service and a new menu daily. The ‘thali’ experience includes a beverage, appetizers, entrees and desserts which come together to create a wholesome, nutritious and organic meal. It can be customized for several different dietary requirements such as vegan, gluten-free, nut-free etc.

The food is prepared by a Hindu Maharaj who starts his routine before sunrise and after his bath and prayers he blesses the food and with that clean and pious mind the fresh food starts getting prepared for the day.

The Royal Experience –First a waiter helps you with washing and cleaning your hands with warm fragrant rose water (Gulab Jal)  followed by Gau Seva (Donating a coin for the Cow), then a welcome drink of Kesar Chandan is served to you which calms you down and stimulates your appetite. Then come the starters, followed by four different types of vegetable preparations and four Dals or Curries accompanied with lemon, green chutney and red sweet chutney all this served with three different Rotis and three different Rice preparations. Then there is a ‘Dish of the day’ like Dal Bati, Dal Dholi, or Dal Pakwan etc.

All preparations are made only with Cow Ghee and the menu is never repeated for at least thirty days and the same menu is available in all its restaurants across the world.

During the meal there are different waiters eager to serve you whatever you like, in unlimited quantities and when you are too full you will be pleasantly surprised to find some space reserved for the awesome desserts like Halwa, Jalebi, Malpua and the list can go on.

Finally you are given a Paan Goli as a mouth freshener as well as to digest the food and at your exit you are encouraged to hit a metal gong a part of the tradition.

A tip of advice, you can check in advance the menu of the day and prepare yourself for a princely treat which is absolute value for money.

The food is so popular that the restaurant is a favorite of celebrities and well known personalities who prefer Vegetarian food and are health conscious and care for the animals and environment.

Maharaja Bhog has been awarded many times with different awards, including Times Hospitality and others.

In terms of safety and hygiene they are following all safety precautions for Covid as well as all food safety norms laid down by FSSAI.

So we recommend you to search for your nearest Maharaja Bhog and experience their hospitality and enjoy with your friends and family.

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