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#EngineeringChange – the latest campaign from Gillette, urging young India to discover the true potential of their education

Mumbai; 27 June 2022: Gillette India continues its legacy of creating thought-provoking commentary on the societal notions that limit our potential, through its flagship campaign #ShavingStereotypes. The newest edition of the shaving stereotypes campaign, titled #EngineeringChange urges young Indian students to introspect and rethink how education can be a steppingstone for changing more than just their own lives. In line with its global mission of inspiring ‘The Best a Man Can Be’, the film authentically portrays the one-dimensional perspective with which many people treat their education and degrees. The featured true story serves as an example to covey the brand’s message: every one of us can meaningfully contribute to our communities, we just need to be aware of our true potential.

The film narrates the true story of social entrepreneur Prashant Gade, whose real-life journey is an encouraging example for young Indians to go beyond the expectations of society and redefine our truest possibilities. In 2018, Prashant opted out of a high-paying engineering job to create the world’s most affordable bionic arm. Today, he has changed the lives of several people with disabilities, by inventing and manufacturing a low-cost prosthetic limb that’s accessible to all. In doing so, he has redefined his purpose and took the unconventional road to bring to life his true potential, shaving stereotypes and challenging norms to inspire future generations to follow.

Conceptualised by Grey India, the film reflects on Prashant’s real-life journey, showing how he was faced the harsh realities of disability when he spotted an amputee struggling to shave his face. This made him question the purpose of his education, and very soon, that doubt was replaced with a burning passion to use his knowledge and qualification to make a difference. After a lot of hard work and ingenuity, he created a bionic prosthetic and founded his ‘Inali Foundation’ to contribute to the lives of thousands of amputees.
Narrated through Prashant’s lens, the story encourages younger generations to adopt new and fresh perspectives on how they can truly unlock their full potential and break out of the limits set by traditional norms. Gillette hopes to inspire them to be “The Best They Can Be”, and help others do the same.

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