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While the global agricultural industry is growing rapidly, it is also facing tremendous pressures due to climatic changes and unpredictable weather conditions. So to make farming, a climate resilience business, FarmERP is taking a step further by protecting its production practices and activities with next-generation technological tools. FarmERP’s farm management platform is gaining immense popularity, as it is helping farming companies to make their production activities more robust and attain more profitable growth in the coming years.

FarmERP is a leading farm management software that integrates high-tech modules and features for agribusinesses to improve their productivity and profitability through robust farming activities. FarmERP’s planning module offers complete support for various farm planning activities and its production module enables farming companies to technologically boost their production activities and make their business climate resilient.

Here are four main features of this farm management software 

View Multiple Plot Record Keeping, with FarmERP’s Production Module

The production module of FarmERP’s farm management software is designed critically for farm managers to keep track of various harvesting activities that are planned through its planning module. Viewing the farm production operations through this module is similar to accessing FarmERP’s Task Calendar.

However, this feature gives manager of contract farmers or farmer producer companies more details about all the activities including, the area under production, farm name, number of trees, name of the field manager, and status of the activity.

FarmERP enables efficient farm management through its software, as the production module enables all the managers in an organization to access detailed information about tasks, it also allows managers to review farm production operations, and approve or reject any task based on that information. This way, everyone can get a complete overview of all the activities planned and the tasks that are being executed. 

The production module makes it easy for farm production managers to understand the potential needs related to the three M’s – Man, Machines, and Materials – resources that are vital for farm production activities. By understanding the planned tasks and comparing them with the inventory, farm managers can enhance their resource planning and management for a productive and profitable farm production.

Add Multiple Plot Record, Keeping Details for Various Production Activities

This is one of the most important and unique features of the production module of FarmERP’s plantation ERP platform. Along with the important document-related details, such as unique document number, farm name, and site/plot details, the farm management software also enables field managers to edit or add minute details based on the type of operation, details about activities such as activity contractor (if any), total area covered based on rows or trees, and 3Ms required for these activities. 

With this feature, row-wise farm production activities can be planned to understand which area of farm is covered. Field managers can also plan tree-wise and execute the harvesting activities, as this feature shows the exact number of trees covered through the production operations.

One of the most important features of this module is that it is connected with the purchasing and inventory data that has already been fed to the software by the respective managers. Thereby, while planning and executing various tasks of farm production through this farm management software, field managers can get the complete idea of materials, machineries, and labour resources available for carrying out that particular activity.

With the use of several drop-down menus on items, machineries, and labour forces – including contract farmers’ accounts linked to the software, field managers can plan their resources for farm production with more efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Furthermore, farm managers can also feed application-specific details such as net weight, harvesting type, product, pack house, harvesting batch, no of cases/crates, and tree-wise harvesting options.

With this agriculture management system, field managers can make notes of climatic conditions, methods of harvesting, time required for the operations, water consumption, and flow rate (per acre or per hour). This type of detailed farm production tracking system makes agricultural production operations more productive, efficient, and economic in terms of resource management as well as outcomes.

Integrate Important Information about Soil, Tree, and Water Observation through Sensors

FarmERP’s state-of-the-art farm management software enables farming companies to integrate all their next-generation sensors and AI-powered drones to automatically collect important observations during farm production operations. It enables farm managers to keep track of the impact, climatic changes have on its natural resources such as soil, water, and tree. The production module of FarmERP’s agriculture software solutions offers three very important features – soil observation details, tree observation details, and water observation details.

By integrating various soil, water, and tree observation sensors with FarmERP’s farm management software, farming companies can note various observation parameters and the percentage of micronutrients to modify their farming procedures for better outcome. When the data is captured by sensors, then it is automatically integrated by FarmERP’s farm management platform. FarmERP through its farm management software, allow farming companies to integrate soil, water, and tree observation details for each and every farm under harvesting.

Refer to Consultant Observations and Recommendations to Plan New Tasks

FarmERP’s next generation plantation ERP software, enables farm managers or field managers to feed various observation parameters for crops or trees under harvest in these platforms in advance. Furthermore, observations and recommendations by managers can be complemented with various attachments, such as pictures taken by FarmERP’s mobile app.

The software also offers more exhaustive observation-based features such as nursery treatment, weather details, tapping details, and parent tree observation, which further adds to the value of production, for farming companies.

Ultimately, observations and recommendations related to soil, trees, weather, and water can be implemented by creating new tasks based on the prescriptions created in the app, and this can be allocated to field supervisors, which is then automatically reflected in the task calendar. Thereby, with the help of advanced technology-driven farm management software – FarmERP, farming companies can improve the climate resilience of their business and bolster their business productivity and profitabilit

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