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Rashi’s actions to cause havoc on the Patel family’s life in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible

We all have great memories of school – some about the fun times and some about the challenges. Being a victim to bullying is one of the memories most people would want to forget. Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible is powerfully illustrating this evil and its unimaginable effects. Aryan, is one such student who bullied Rashi Patel (Deshna Dugad) and blackmailed her, which eventually led to his expulsion from school. Now that the roles have been reversed and the bully has become the victim, but Rashi’s thirst for vengeance seems to have gone a bit too far.

Rashi has been bullying Aryan at every chance since he returned to school. She carelessly causes him to fall off the stairs amid one of these encounters, but is shocked to discover Aryan is in the hospital. Pushpa (Karuna Pandey), is informed by Principal Nanavati and asks Rashi (Deshna Dugad) to apologize, but she declines. Prabodh, Aryan’s father, calls Ashwin to his office in the meantime, but Pushpa goes to meet him instead while Chirag (Darshan Gurjar) and Prarthana follow her covertly. Chirag gets into a brawl with Prabodh, and even damages his office. While leaving Prathana forgets her phone as Chirag and Prarthana head off. When Prabodh finds the phone, he comes up with a wicked scheme to take down Chirag and the Patels.

What new trouble is Prabodh going to bring? Is Chirag going to be in hot waters?

Darshan Gurjar, who plays Chirag, says,
“Prabodh has been a pain for the Patel’s for ages, so Chirag is naturally concerned about this incident and how Prabodh will bring hell upon them. We always protect our family, even if they may be wrong, and Chirag is doing the same even if Rashi’s actions caused this trouble. Now that Pramod’s son is harmed, no one knows what he’ll plan for the Patel family. Don’t miss the upcoming episodes, as it will keep you at the edge of your seats!”

Watch Pushpa Impossible from Mon-Sat at 9:30 PM, only on Sony SAB!

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